Below are testimonials from people whom have experimented with the Theraphi Device

We cannot guarantee any similar effects. Currently the Theraphi Device is for experimental use only, It does not diagnosis or treat disease.
In the near future we will begin clinical testing.

  • Lea

    I am 23 year old woman who has always struggled with Polytheistic Ovarian Syndrome - and about three month ago I had grown a cyst that was 99% out of 100% volume about to rupture and I know someone in Connecticut who has the Theraphi device and she put me on four days with one session with the Theraphi machine pointed on my Ovaries.  When I had gone back to the doctor to see how big the cyst was she was amazed in ONE week my cyst went down half the size.. she said it normally takes 4-6 weeks for a cyst to be gone. i was only ONE week in and it was halfway gone, when i went back four weeks later -I had done 5 more treatments in that time frame and my cyst was COMPLETELY gone.

  • Amazing results for my lyme. I was recently diagnosed with lyme disease. The pain in my hands was so bad i couldnt get myself dressed on some mornings. A friend of mine purchased a theraphi and I jumped at a chance to try.  Day 1 I noticed such an incredible change. Ive only been doing this for a week now. I do 30 min sessions.  I have 100% pain reduction. My eyes can see road signs and small print. My mind is more clear.

  • Theraphi helped save a diabetic man from having his foot cut off by two days.  Just two sessions was enough to convince his Dr to postpone the surgery, and a month later a six year old chronic would was healed.

  • A 71 year old woman who has had many Theraphi sessions over the last 17 months for a large variety of health challenges. Two challenges coincided at the same time…the loss of her husband causing emotional shock and trauma and a brain surgery the day following her husband’s passing. Her life became a physically painful and emotionally devastating existence. After several weeks of sessions, the shock lifted and she was finally able to begin the healing process of both challenges. The TheraPhi has a definitive beneficial effect on physical and emotional shock. This same woman had no sense of smell (or taste) for over 35 years, which she did not communicate as she was focusing on the previous mentioned health concerns. She had had an scan…

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  • Amazing results for my lyme. I was recently diagnosed with lyme disease. I have my own cleaning business and not made of money. The pain in my hands was so bad i couldnt get myself dressed on some mornings. My depression, anxiety lead to constant suicide thoughts. I lost 12 lbs in a week. My vision and memory was extremely foggy. I was given antibiotics that only killed my gut. I was losing everything ive ever worked hard for. Im a single mom of a type 1 diabetic son and another son , and here i am....i cant work and now treatment has me broke. A friend of mine purchased a theraphi and is trying to get people to try it. Well i jumped at the chance. Day 1 i noticed such an incredible change. Ive only been doing this for a week now. I do…

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  • I’m feeling so energized, uplifted and inspired from today’s group Theraphi healing circle . It seems like every time this event brings up new ideas on how this amazing piece of technology can be interacted with. The feedback from participants makes me hold high hopes for potential breakthroughs and findings we may see in our lifetime from the new revolutionary technologies such as theraphi.

    The Theraphi system uses longitudinal EM waves and time-polarized EM waves that penetrate every cell and atomic nucleus in the body. The fact that such signals can effect and possibly reverse cellular illness of the body has been proven by Priore and is in the French scientific literature. The electrodynamics that results from this…

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  • Been getting very positive results with the Theraphi unit. I have personally experienced increased mental acuity and increased energy. My wife reports the same. Additionally her blood pressure was 182 over 104 before the treatments. Now, after 6 or seven treatments is now 150 over 88. A significant drop. Other aches and pains that I have had all over my body after 30 years of Hockey, pounding moguls and all of life's general failed adventures have pretty much totally disappeared!

  • Twenty four years of nagging pain in my foot is gone. This device not only healed chronic pain, it also sorted out my mind. Stress vaporized as tingles flowed through my body. I could feel my mind expanding.

  • I have lost weight, about 30 pounds, but more, my body fat percentage has fallen to 18% in the process from 25%. My fasting blood sugar is 72, BP is 118/74 (was 140/96), my cholesterol has always been low--169 last week, but more than that the Oxidized LDL (the really bad cholesterol) has dropped to very low levels reflecting a decreased risk of heart disease (runs I my family). My prostate complaints, being 67 years old, are common for men my age, have all but disappeared. I have slept through the last several weeks without having to get up to use the bathroom, and this is a major thing for us older folks

  • I have noticed no cravings for cigarettes (was pack a day smoker) I have noticed the neuropathy in hands is gone, I can now feel my hands. My left foot seems less inverted and I am able to walk around without my crutches. There is less need for walking assistance when my braces are off my legs. Weight loss (my clothes are much looser)

  • It was still nothing short of a miraculous experience to have a more or less septic arthritic hip improve about 60% in the first 3 minutes. It is still improving and I have been pain free for the first time in 4 years… not to mention the happy bubble – the future of humanity is suddenly looking so bright!

  • I have more energy and clearer thoughts. I feel more centered, calmer and in a state of bliss. In the past cold damp weather sent my body into shock and I experienced significant pain and discomfort. This last cold snap however hardly affected my body… or my mental state.

  • My vision is pretty poor. I’ve been wearing glasses since the 4th grade. Had an eye exam today and I wasn’t seeing as well after putting my contact lenses in because my vision actually improved! I’m so in awe right now! The only thing I can attribute it to right now is Theraphi. Can’t wait to have another session!

  • My boy has hyper mobility which means he is double jointed. After  sessions in the Theraphi, we came home and the very next day he walked 10 steps from me to his nanny! We couldn’t believe it! Then he continued to walk back and forth.

  • I eased into the plasma field like moving into warm water.  I felt a crescendo of pressure in the head and the injured neck area.  I felt many old emotional issues being purged as they came up like weeds being plucked out of the garden of my mind.

  • I have traveled to the feet of many great masters, I have trekked through the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan meeting the great Sages, I have walked through the heart of hell and back seeking what the Theraphi was able to do in the first two sessions!  I looked into my own eyes and saw a clarity I hadn’t seen in years.

  • I’m happy to say I just returned from a three day experience of the Theraphi.  What a powerful and absolutely pronominal experience!  It far exceeded my expectations.