Below are testimonials from people whom have experimented with the Theraphi Device

We cannot guarantee any similar effects. Currently the Theraphi Device is for experimental use only, It does not diagnosis or treat disease.
In the near future we will begin clinical testing.

  • Blissings & Blessings to you and Paul, Master Dan.
    I cannot express in words the magnitude of gratitude and deep love I have for you both for creating this awesome device, the Theraphi, which afforded me the space to change my reality and heal my body.
    I incurred a severe head injury three years ago, having my skull cracked in two places and 3 cracked vertebrae, have lived with a permanent headache until last week Saturday, when I received my first session, which we did at sunset that day, which was 17h34 on that Saturday, on 25v for 3 mins. I had prepared my mind for weeks, waiting impatiently for the arrival of my miracle, The device, to be headache free.

    When the field started up I focused on perfect health.…

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  • I have to start with THANK YOU Dan Winter and Paul Harris for the gift of this magical technology.
    Even after having followed the theory with Claire Janisch it was still nothing short of a miraculous experience to have a more or less septic arthritic hip improve about 60% in the first 3 minutes.

    It is still improving and I have been pain free for the first time in 4 years… not to mention the happy bubble – the future of humanity is suddenly looking so bright!

  • Dan we are blown away by how brilliant you are. We keep going back to watch your fractal U videos to remind us how profound this is. It’s beautiful to physically experience it at the same time.

    Thank you for making all the connections – across all the most meaningful concepts first of all, and then even to Paul to make the Theraphi come into being. We have so many people coming here – from people who just want to experience bliss, or reduce stress/pain to those with chronic illnesses. It’s amazing how it’s having a larger field effect of weaving together our community here as well as raising our vibrations in multiple ways.
    We have named this first one Rosie as she is more of a living loving presence than a technology. We…

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  • After a month of sessions i have noticed a marked difference in myself in my body and in my psyche.
    Despite getting unsettled restless sleep (we have a 12 month old who shares our bed) I have more energy and clearer thoughts. I feel more centered, calmer and in a state of bliss. In the past cold damp weather sent my body into shock and I experienced significant pain and discomfort.
    This last cold snap however hardly affected my body… or my mental state. I await more exciting results in the coming weeks and months!

  • Craziest thing… My vision is pretty poor. I’ve been wearing glasses since the 4th grade. I noted after my last Theraphi session that I wasn’t seeing as well. Well, just had an eye exam today and I wasn’t seeing as well after putting my contact lenses in because my vision actually improved! I’m so in awe right now! The only thing I can attribute it to right now is Theraphi. Can’t wait to have another session!

  • My experience with my little 2 yr old boy in the Theraphi machine.

    My boy has hyper mobility which means he is double jointed. He struggled then to sit with strength and crawl as his limbs would always just collapse. We have done a lot of baby gym and he has made wonderful progress and crawling perfectly and we were waiting for the walking milestone.

    We traveled to Kzn for Theraphi treatments and after 4 sessions in the Theraphi, we came home and the very next day he walked 10 steps from me to his nanny! We couldn’t believe it! Then he continued to walk back and forth.

    I feel it healed something in him that could allow his confidence to come out. It’s been a few days now and he is now…

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  • On my first session I felt the left side of my body ‘wobble’. There was a mild sensation of pulling in the scar on my neck. When lying on my stomach for the last 3 sessions – I felt an aching sensation in my sacro iliac joints.
    After the sessions I have a fair amount of popping and crackling in my ears.

    MVA in 1994 – resulted in a whiplash injury. Aggravated by playing under water hockey.
    MRI 2010 – Disc herniation in cervical spine. C4/5 – more on the right than on the left. Disc herniation also at C5/6. Never really been a problem until about a month ago – numbness and tingling and a sensation of cold in the ulnar distribution of the right forearm and 5th

    It was amazing!! I have no symptoms anymore (mild…

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  • I’m happy to say I just returned from a three day experience of the Theraphi with Eddy.  What a powerful and absolutely pronominal experience!  It far exceeded my expectations and even moved into the realms of the mystical.  Eddy was absolutely accommodating and full of love for all of us.  His hosting of our visit was professional, caring and full of peace.  We truly felt like part of the family through his warmth and the warmth of his staff.
    Day one 1-14-17 Session One
    Entering the treatment room was the beginning of the treatment as Eddy had the space so well charged and full of life.  A lovely aroma of citronella wafted through the space and the lighting was perfect.  As a 17 year veteran practitioner and teacher…

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  • Margarete and I just returned from spending three great days with Eddy Sharpless in Redway, CA. Eddy was a very gracious host and provided us with 7 Theraphi sessions in the short time we were there. We were also able to see the special space he is constructing to house the device along with his store, where he sells sacred statues, images, crystals, etc. – a very unusual store specializing in larger items (such as 50,000+ pound stumps of very beautiful petrified wood).

    Eddy provided us with the experience of the Theraphi field that we have needed and we are now very close to being able to submit an order (assuming, of course, that you are comfortable having us as owners of a Theraphi device). We are very grateful to Eddy for…

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  • I have been enjoying being in the Theraphi field and its influence on those who experience it with me.
    As a biodynamic cranial sacral therapist I especially enjoy doing the hands on session after the person has been Theraphied because their body is already in the streaming mode that would generally happen in the later part of a cranial session and therefore the orchestrations of cog wheeling motilities of the organs and bones are quicker to sync into balance during a cranial sacral session after being Theraphied.
    Facilitating the hyper aspects to calm and the hypo aspects to energize is part of a cranial sacral session; since that is already underway from the Theraphi my role as a cranial sacral therapist is more to contain…

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  • Long term hip pain-solution–also ‘ripples’ of bliss /euphoria in daughter

    HI Dan. Thank you so much for being so informative ..  I am now keen of purchasing one (Theraphi) in SA again as I have already marketed it considerably and already have 2 doctors that have agreed to forward their patients to me.  I would like to set one up here and then when return to UK set another one up there. ………We found someone that had a Theraphi in Bonnievale and drove up to try it out. I would also like to inform you of my daughter’s and my experience: – we went 3 times in one day with 2 hour intervals at 3min, 5 min then 7 min……History: I…

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  • Normal Bowel Solution after 25 years, also neck pain- and eye problem solved…

    I am fascinated and awed by your research and your product and I am so grateful for being able to experience it myself. That is my primary reason for inquiring how I can be part of this revolutionary health option.
    I am on a 20 session course of my own Theraphi treatment in JHB South Africa. I am a 46 year old mother of 3.

    My immediate feedback after my 3rd session is that my sluggish colon has improved by 100%.
    For 5 days I have had a normal bowel movement – this hasn’t happened in 25…

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  • Serious knee pain-90% resolution-also beautiful report of increased ‘life force sensitivity’

    Hi Dan and Valerie! Thank you again for the wonderful time these last days..!
    Here is my Theraphi report:—I came to the Theraphi session with an acute pain on my right kneecap. Two weeks ago I had fallen on a concrete floor and this knee absorbed the entire shock. The pain was concentrated into a single point that was very sensitive and quite painful to even the slightest touch, a superficial nerve pain on the kneecap. After one session of 4-5 minutes, the pain was reduced by about 80%. In a second session of about the same duration, this increased to 90%. As we had to leave the location, I was not able to…

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  • Long term ‘pigeon foot’ (& rash) problem -solved- rich Theraphi visual experience described

    Hi Dan! I just wanted to tell you my personal experience in the Theraphi at NYC – I went in with a rash on my neck and a reoccuring pain on my right foot. Additionally, my right foot has turned in (pigeon footed) as I walked since I was a baby. When I went into the Theraphi, I felt all tension from my body totally dissolve and experienced an increase in my clairvoyance (I’m naturally sensitive to those kinds of things.) I was able to see the negentropic tube torus imploding on itself – additionally, I could see the ultraviolet center point of dielectric convergence during my entire experience. Additionally, I…

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  • Well that just cost me thousands of dollars and quite possibly my preeminence amongst fashionistas! My eye sight is remarkably improved thanks to Theraphi.

    But what am I going to do with all my glamour-glasses?? Clear glass lenses I guess. I’m serious that I can now easily, effortlessly read fine print and see at distance much, much better. The message to the aging public is “don’t spend money on bifocal glasses till you’ve given Theraphi a try!

  • I stand supported by a harness every morning with my assistant getting me set up.
    I actually was hanging more than standing. After two sessions, I’m standing instead of hanging. My back feels stronger with less pain in my low back and less pain in my shoulders. I was able to take a few steps. Quite exciting! I’m looking forward to doing many more sessions.

  • Tinnitus… the ringing in my right ear diminishes 85% immediately after a Theraphi session. Each consecutive session 20% accumulative improvement maintained.  Three sessions later now a 60% maintained less ringing. We are going to continue and will give an update as it goes.