Below are testimonials from people whom have experimented with the Theraphi Device

We cannot guarantee any similar effects. Currently the Theraphi Device is for experimental use only, It does not diagnosis or treat disease.
In the near future we will begin clinical testing.

  • The hip pains and various joint pains that had also been bothering me disappeared and have not yet returned. In this period of stress I was also waking every two hours with the urge to urinate. This has been reduced to getting up once in the night and my sleep is more peaceful.

  • Pressure around my eyes and the back of my head were alleviated. My head feels lighter, clearer. The quality of my sleep improved after a few sessions. Calmer nerves… I feel quieter inside!

  • Tinnitus… the ringing in my right ear diminishes 85% immediately after a Theraphi session. Each consecutive session 20% accumulative improvement maintained.

  • I stand supported by a harness. After two sessions, I’m standing instead of hanging. My back feels stronger with less pain. I was able to take a few steps. Quite exciting! I’m looking forward to doing many more sessions.

  • Leia suffered vertigo for eight years. Her vertigo had completely resolved with Theraphi sessions.

  • Long term ‘pigeon foot’ & rash problem resolved. I’ve recommended the Theraphi to numerous people, and I’ll definitely be going back for another session!!!

  • Had with an acute pain on my right kneecap. After one session the pain was reduced by about 80%

  • My sluggish colon has improved by 100%,, also neck pain. Furthermore, the sight in my right eye has recovered to almost 20/20

  • I had a broken femur when I was hit by a car in Holland and have constant pain in my hip and back.
    My back and hip felt amazing and my pain subsided.

  • I’m really surprised about this machine, 95% of the pain is gone! Karl

  • I came for Theraphi treatment because I was struggling to work due to a number of injuries. The results have been amazing!! I have no symptoms anymore. My pelvis has no more discomfort. My ears and sinuses are clearer. I have also found that stress is more manageable. The more my body can heal itself on an ongoing basis the more likely I am to be able to work symptom free too.

  • For the past five years I have dealt with chronic digestive and liver issues. From the very first treatment  I improved . The progression has continued over the past ten days since the treatments to the point of a consistent state of wellness I was beginning to doubt ever achieving again.

  • Leia suffered vertigo for eight years. She was prescribed the leading anti-vertigo drug, Antivert, which put her in bed for two days because it made her nauseous. Leia also received physical therapy and other medical treatment in hopes of relieving her dizziness symptoms but to no avail. In October 2016 Leia had accompanied a brain damaged child to my office for Theraphi treatment (scalar wave therapy). Upon completion, Leia asked if she could also have a Theraphi session. Unbeknownst to me Leia was starting to have an episode of vertigo. Leia received a 3 minute treatment.

    In December, the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, held their annual Christmas party. While attending the party, Leia came up to me…

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  • Reversing Vaccine-related Seizures Theraphi Case Study  

    Justin was a normal 5 year-old who was vaccinated with DPT, MMR, and the Menigococcal B vaccine. Five months afterward Justin had: Severe migraine headaches, 13 to 15 seizures a day, paralysis of his right hand and right foot.

    For nineteen years Justin’s parents tried numerous therapies to help resolve their son’s vaccine damage. Approximately one year ago Justin was brought to my office for evaluation. Using Direct Resonance Testing, it was determined that the measles and mumps vaccines were present in the left side of Justin's brain. Interestingly, when homeopathic doses of these two vaccines were used in an attempt to neutralize them,…

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  • Had a wonderful trip down to Georgia and five great sessions with this Phi healing!
    I had one day where i had a few stomache issues but on the whole, I feel great!
    Tom is an awesome host who truly cares about healing others and our world. One of the most kind hearted soul anywhere and a walking library of fantastic information.
    Already planning the next trip!

  • It appeared as though the Theraphi device “knew” or read what my body needed or where it should be treated. It definitely has a tremendous potential. The therapeutic effects are potentialized when one let’s the energy flow and does not try to interfere by directing the energy to a specific area or for a specific problem.

    The energy/ frequency has a greater effect during the first 20/25 minutes of the session. After that it stabilizes and there is much less energy interaction or corrective healing effect felt. That is to say, one is not cognizant of what else might be occurring within the body or greater energy body.

    1) In my case, my feet and then my legs all the way up to the knees felt a tingling and warmth which…

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  • I’m feeling so energized, uplifted and inspired from today’s group Theraphi healing circle thealchemistskitchen . It seems like every time this event brings up new ideas on how this amazing piece of technology can be interacted with. It truly feels like a fractal experience.

    I discover new abilities in myself, become more sensitive to the energy of each participant and the bio field of the machine.

    All the questions today were great and steered our group experience in the perfect for all direction. The feedback from participants makes me hold high hopes for potential breakthroughs and findings we may see in our lifetime from the new revolutionary technologies such as ‪‎theraphi‬.