Plasma Health is currently seeking visionary aware investors to help us realize our goal of delivering our technology at competitive pricing. Seed capital is necessary for advancing this forward and to enter into full operational business development, manufacturing and clinical trials

As an investor in The Theraphi, you will play a crucial role in:

  • Supporting an alternative treatment for pain relief and serious aliments
  • Pioneering a new paradigm for the treatment of degenerative diseases
  • Being an active participant in bringing one of the most dynamic methods for longevity on the planet today
  • Leaving a legacy that improves the lives of millions of people

Clinical Trials

Our intention is to set up several clinical trials. For this we need support and funding, and investment

Executive Summary

Problems solved and business opportunity

Many people are now looking for alternative methods of treatment that do not use the harmful effects of chemotherapy, radiation and pharmaceutical drugs.

A “Regenerative Field” device like The Theraphi, is not only feasible with today’s technology, but is in high demand by a public that is moving away from isolated chemical-based healing methodologies. The device has no side effects. 

The market potential for natural healing approach to a broad spectrum of aliments is huge! 

Mitigation of age-related diseases and life extension are a result of Rejuvenation Field Technology, we have branded as The Theraphi. 

Rejuvenation Field Technology (RFT) are frequency modulated electromagnetic healing waveforms applied to living organisms. We have harnessed the precise frequencies (IP) and hardware (IP) for the production of “Biologically Active Fields”, which have been proven to have medical applications. The use of electromagnetic waves for therapy has been well documented for over 60 years.

Our unique, novel and patentable technology has an influence on pain reduction, restoring coherence in single and multicellular organisms thereby increasing longevity, enhancing immune systems, reducing healing times and lowering dependence on pharmaceutical drugs, with the potential of restoring homeostasis in cases of degenerative diseases including cancer.

The potential of our generated bio-active fields and the validity of entering into the market place with a proven, scientifically validated bio-active field generating device, which assists in natural healing abilities of the human body, is a game changer. The adoption of Theraphi technology will enable various caregiver industries, hospitals, clinics, spas and private individuals to have an economical therapeutic technology readily available.

Our Advanatages

  • Original Priore technology used plasmas for mixing: highly inefficient. Only 1% of energy is emitted as longitudinal components.
  • This technology had a low power density: Magnetically activated plasmas take up a large volume, and the tube that Priore was intending to use took up a large fraction of the building.
  • Cost: The original Priore plasma tubes were heavy and labor intensive to construct, with mercury vapor and noble gases. The major expenses were the tubes and drivers. In this new version, the solid-state emitters/mixers are a fraction of that cost, and robust enough to carry into the field, without the fragility of noble gas tubes. New solid-state VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) devices promise to shrink the physical volume and production costs even further.

The commercial implications of this are striking and include:

  • Sports medicine
  • Military medicine
  • Addressing stubborn wounds to heal
  • Almost any situation required biologically regeneration / order increase.
  • Cancer Remission
  • Stem cell research and applications
  • Anti-aging and Longevity Science

Revenue Streams

  • Sales of Theraphi directly into marketplace
  • Spa’s and medical clinics
  • Hospitals

We are committed to educate the world on the environmental, economic and healing potential of our unique technology.

Please contact Roger Green, CEO of Breakthru-Technologies
[email protected]