Below are testimonials from people whom have experimented with the Theraphi Device

We cannot guarantee any similar effects. Currently the Theraphi Device is for experimental use only, It does not diagnosis or treat disease.
In the near future we will begin clinical testing.

  • It feels like I am in a swim spa… current waves like a salmon staying in one place as the stream rushes by. Immediately after, I feel refreshed.

    Pressure around my eyes and the back of my head were alleviated. My head feels lighter, clearer. The quality of my sleep improved after a few sessions. Calmer nerves… I feel quieter inside!

  • I'm feeling so energized, uplifted and inspired from today's group Theraphi healing circle @theAlchemistsKitchen It seems like every time this event brings up new ideas on how this amazing piece of technology can be interacted with. It truly feels like a fractal experience.  I discover new abilities in myself, become more sensitive to the energy of each participant and the bio field of the machine.  All the questions today were great and steered our group experience in the perfect for all direction.  The feedback from participants makes me hold high hopes for potential breakthroughs and findings we may see in our lifetime from the new revolutionary technologies such as thereaphi!

  • Hi everyone, my uncle sat in the Theraphi here in Australia last week - without any prior knowledge or information of the healing modality or results - (Blind Faith?) after the sessions he reported his arthritic hip was 95% pain free after the first session and by the end of his trip he was 100% pain free. He had several sessions over 4 days only. He had a severe limp and now it is almost imperceptible. He is stronger, faster, more energetic, has a positive outlook and is full of energy. He is also [very] grateful to his sister and I for sharing the device with him.  BTW: He is 70 years old.

  • We have been getting very positive results with the Theraphi unit. I have personally experienced increased mental acuity and increased energy. My wife reports the same. The most amazing effects have been for me at the physical healing level.

    About 3 years ago I blew out a disk in my back and healing has been very slow. The pain involved has ruined my life basically. I could barely walk 10 feet without feeling like I had been stabbed in the back. Also shooting pain down the Sciatic nerve right into my foot. During the third session with the unit I felt something akin to an electrical zapping sensation right on the Sciatic nerve all down my leg and POOF…. 

    Pain gone... Instantly! completely! 

    The absolute relief…

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  • Kim

    Kim arrived almost two weeks ago with a mass on her ovary thought to be cancer which was by MRI scan 10 inches x 14 inches x 6 inches in size, the size of a lunchbox. She looked and felt terrible. After ten days of THERAPHI sessions and juicing and other therapies, she left for home in Florida with a tumor now the "size of a walnut" which will be confirmed by MRI scans in the near future. She still plans to proceed with surgery, but she looks and feels great, at least as great as she can under the circumstances. And she plans on coming back for more THERAPHI.

  • Meg

    All I can say at the moment about my first time sitting in the Theraphi yesterday is that it took me to a deep state of meditation very quickly

  • My cataract in my left eye was becoming increasingly milky and hard to see out of. As I drove for the three sessions I had hoped it would make a difference otherwise I seriously would have had to contact a doctor to correct. I will say I was quite pleased as it is back to where it was several years ago when I first noticed it. I am hoping it will continue to reverse.

  • For 7 days of treatment for partial paralysis from a spinal injury 27 years ago.

  • As I came out of the session, I felt my face warm, my whole body ‘buzzed’ and the top of my head felt warm. I had a wonderful sense of calm and wellbeing. The morning after  I noticed detox symptoms. In the past, other frequency technologies took 5 x 1 hr sessions to move and detox lymph (under my arms I felt bumps and got a slight rash) – this happen in the THERAPHI IN 3 MINS ! I am hoping to continue and increase circulation and lymph. Thanks Theraphi!

  • I had seven sessions over one week in the Theraphi. After one week I feel as if I am a new person. Twenty four years of nagging pain in my foot is gone. I was in a head on collision with a car while riding a motorcycle (my foot was crushed between the motorcycle and the front bumper) witch led to four reconstructive surgeries back in the early nineties. My fist metatarsal was totally destroyed (smashed to pieces,almost a total loss requiring a bone graft from my hip) along with compound fractures of the second and third (the second and third metatarsals were sticking up out of my foot). I noticed some relief after one session, but after the second session the pain was gone. GONE!

    This machine (for lack of a…

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  • Three sessions 3 minutes each.....came in with massive lymphatic carcenoma on right side of cheek and jaw. After 24 hours was reduced 50 percent in size. James has Beta cell Lymphoma, and when he arrived he looked like the Elephant Man on the right side of his face. Three days later he looked almost normal on that side.

  • An energetic healing was felt by me two days after the treatment in NYC, - it reduced the swelling of my retina in the left eye. My retina specialist determined that the swelling was down by 65%

    • A woman with a Lupus rash (vasculitis blisters) had complete remission in three days. 
    • An acute back injury requiring a wheelchair to come and the pain resolved with a 3 minute treatment, and that man walked out, standing straight, with no pain. 
    • Resolution of peripheral vision limitations and night blindness in another
    • A woman who has had a series of strokes that left her with residual left sided weakness has immediate improvement in strength, and mental function (specifically word…
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  • I would like to share my Theraphi experience because I have had some amazing results from only 3 sessions. I have kyphotic scoliosis. This means I have a spine that is quite crooked side to side and front to back. This condition is most painful and progressively disfiguring and debilitating.  (a condition I have had my whole life). I have lived in chronic pain for as long as I can remember and it is exhausting. I have the occasional day of very little pain which is bliss, but the pain always returns.

    When offered the opportunity for a session with the Theraphi device, I gladly accepted. I am naturally curious and the explanation of this treatment had me intrigued. Three minutes was all I had for the first session, and I could…

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