The use of electromagnetic waves for therapy

This has been well documented for over 60 years, and have been well proven to have medical applications. History tells us through countless experiments and case histories, that the right mixture of signature frequencies can effect the human bodies responses to viruses, parasites, immune deficiencies, increases in metabolism, heart rate variability, reduction of inflammation, treatment of degenerative diseases and natural pain relief.

The Theraphi has an overall broad spectrum of frequencies that can be used for a variety of aliments and can be applied to all living organisms.

This technology has the potential to have a huge influence on pain reduction, longevity, enhancing immune systems and reducing healing times. It restores coherence in single and multicellular organisms thereby increasing the potential of homeostasis in cases of many degenerative diseases. It is also known for increasing circulation and sensation in areas where these have been limited or lost.

The purchase and adoption of the Plasma Health Theraphi will enable various caregiver industries, hospitals, clinics, spas and private individuals to have an economical therapeutic technology readily available.

A Sample of Potential Uses

  • Pain reduction
  • Swelling reduction
  • Wound regeneration
  • Stem cell switching (differentiation)
  • Reducing the effects of aging
  • Cell memory reversal