Kali Huber - Theraphi and lymes

Amazing results for my lyme. I was recently diagnosed with lyme disease. I have my own cleaning business and not made of money. The pain in my hands was so bad i couldnt get myself dressed on some mornings. My depression, anxiety lead to constant suicide thoughts. I lost 12 lbs in a week. My vision and memory was extremely foggy. I was given antibiotics that only killed my gut. I was losing everything ive ever worked hard for. Im a single mom of a type 1 diabetic son and another son , and here i am....i cant work and now treatment has me broke. A friend of mine purchased a theraphi and is trying to get people to try it. Well i jumped at the chance. Day 1 i noticed such an incredible change. Ive only been doing this for a week now. I do 30 min sessions. I have 100% pain reduction. My eyes can see road signs and small print. My mind is more clear. I think more clear and best of all i can remember little details. As well as simple math. I am able to keep working due to 0 to no pain. I dont know how long i have to continue treatment or if this clinically is helping my lyme. I have blood test in the works as well as a homeopathic dr with an electro something machine that measures the meridian points. So hopefully in 2 weeks i will see a difference and can report back.