71 year old woman who had Theraphi sessions over 17

A 71 year old woman who has had many Theraphi sessions over the last 17 months for a large variety of health challenges. Two challenges coincided at the same time…the loss of her husband causing emotional shock and trauma and a brain surgery the day following her husband’s passing. Her life became a physically painful and emotionally devastating existence. After several weeks of sessions, the shock lifted and she was finally able to begin the healing process of both challenges. The TheraPhi has a definitive beneficial effect on physical and emotional shock. This same woman had no sense of smell (or taste) for over 35 years, which she did not communicate as she was focusing on the previous mentioned health concerns. She had had an scan some time ago that revealed a severed nerve which was causing her lack of ability to smell. Mid session a few months ago, her long absent sense of smell suddenly returned. She is really enjoying both smelling and eating, and is very appreciative of the return of her sense.