The QuantaphiTM is the latest development from the creators of the Theraphi. The Theraphi is well known around the world and recognized as the most advanced Plasma Wave therapy device. Phi-ratio-harmonic-cascade-induced longitudinal plasma waves and their resultant superluminal phase-conjugate (time-reversed) negative entropy, is the key to well being and healing.

The Quantaphi is designed to be used as a room conditioner for sacred space, meditation and a a hifi sound system which conditions the space for audio clarity. Many aspects of EMF protection is achieved. The Quantaphi uses plasma technology to create a radiant field and allows you to fill that field with what ever sound you like.

  • It includes two compact Tesla coils that charge up the plasma tubes.
  • The main component is a small enclosure audio amp that includes a 2.1 channel stereo amplifier for powering a pair of loudspeakers and a sub-woofer for music listening and sound therapy.
  • At the same time the Quantaphi modulates the Tesla coils/plasma tubes with the stereo audio signal, optionally it can stimulate the Tesla coils to produce high frequency sound to complement the stereo speakers, a corona wind tweeter!

The Quantaphi is designed to be used as a room conditioner for sacred space and meditation.

  • Several plasma tubes can be charged to fill the room with coherent energy, including sound.
  • The plasma tubes are charged wireless and can be handled safely and positioned near the Tesla coils to light up.
  • When used as an accessory with the Theraphi the Quantaphi plasma tubes can be charged in proximity to the Theraphi plasma tubes and placed safely on the body for a concentrated effect.
  • The light from the plasma tubes is a beautiful purple orange gold blue in a darkened room.
  • Any audio source can be input to the amp, analog and digital.
  • Any sound therapy program or audio function generator can be used with the Quantaphi.
  • The Quantaphi radiates a coherent energy field protecting you from negative emf radiations.

The Quantaphi combines plasma and sound healing technology and the Quantaphi provides a wide range of applications.

Two Tesla Coils, each one capable of driving several plasma tubes as well as being able to act as two independent channels. As well as two plasma tubes which can be driven in various configurations by the Tesla Coils. Quantaphi amp is completely hand made from the ground up in the THERAPHI LAB

Two independent channels can be feed by several different inputs: Aux RCA Jacks Aux BNC Jacks Aux 1/8” Jack SD Card USB Drive

Bluetooth Formats include: MP3 WAV FLAC

This allows you play any of your favourite music through the Hi Fidelity amplifier while activating the plasma at the same time with the tesla coils. This creates an electrostatic field in the proximity of your sound system. Tesla called this radiant energy. The coils and plasma producing this field increases the quality of the listening experience. The plasma tubes can be used as with traditional frequency based plasma healing devices. They are capable of creating a large field effect as well as being gentle enough for direct contact.

You can use a multitude of existing frequency generating sources including:
Spooky2, Flame in Mind, Any function generator, Any software based frequency generator

Uses Include

  • Enhanced music listening

  • Enhanced sound healing EMF Protection

  • Conditioning Rooms

  • Creating Sacred Space

Contact for Purchasing

Roger Green
[email protected]

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