Discover The Plasma Health Theraphi

The efficacy of electromagnetic wave therapy has been well documented for over 60 years. 

History tells us through countless experiments and case histories that the right mixture of signature frequencies can effect the human body’s responses to viruses, parasites, immune deficiencies, increases in metabolism, heart rate variability, reduction of inflammation, treatment of degenerative diseases and natural pain relief. It has a broad spectrum of frequencies useful for a variety of aliments.

The Theraphi tailors the specific longitudinal scalar wave directly affecting the cell nucleus. The phase-conjugate time-reversed waves and magnetic cascade derived from our unique phi-ratio harmonics provide for the maximum propagation of super-coherent bio-photons restoring the cells memory of its former healthy state.

The adoption of the Plasma Health Theraphi will provide to various caregiver industries, hospitals, clinics, spas and private individuals an economical and readily available therapeutic technology.

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The Theraphi is intended for experimental use in the study of general vitality and:

  • Pain reduction (as Priore & Rauscher documented*)
  • Swelling reduction
  • Wound regeneration
  • Enhancing cancer remission
  • Stem cell switching (differentiation)
  • Reducing the effects of aging
  • Cell memory reversal