Cancer Treatment Breakthrough: Quantum energy technology can now detect underlying cancer stressors

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I put together the attached article to enlighten whom ever wants to be enlightened. The link below is a recent cancer success testimonial. The patient was treated with nutrients, Cyberscan, and Theraphi. The cancer disappeared in six months. The key was the technology I put together which tests the biopsy slide, using quantum testing techniques, which defined the initiating factors in the cancerous tissue (pesticide, CMV, and mercury). Just like removing a splinter allows the pain, swelling and healing to occur, removing the initiating factors allows the cells to go back to factory default. In my humble opinion, I believe this is a major discovery. All the analysis paralysis and mental masturbation of trying to find the aberrant gene or whatever is the cancer causing myth du jour is nothing more than an illusion to keep the academic welfare system going.

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Dr. Gerald Smith